Serena e Roberto wedding in the tuscany countryside


Serena and Roberto are a young couple very much in love. She is from Tuscany and he is from the Marches, they met during a work experience abroad. Serena is a colleague of mine, a wedding photographer, moved to the Marche for the love of Roberto. Serena has a contagious smile, Roberto is a very nice guy and able to make her always smile. A perfect match. It was inevitable that a great love would blossom. I received the call from Serena in April, in the middle of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19: “In October I’m getting married, would you like to be my photographer?”. Between us there was a great feeling and mutual esteem. I was very happy to meet them and to be present not only at their wedding, but also at the engagement photo shoot that we took in September at dawn in Florence, in the most beautiful and historic streets of the Tuscan capital. A city that was awakening, silent, just for us 

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Roberto and Serena chose a very special civil ceremony that took place in La Spinetta Casanova, a winery nestled in the Tuscan hills completely surrounded by vineyards. The symbolic ritual took place in the barrel room, a very suggestive environment where there are small and large barrels where the wine produced in Tuscany by the winery is kept. The whole environment was studied in detail with floral decorations and lights. The rite was very exciting for them and for their whole family because they chose a dear friend and cousin to celebrate the rite. The spouses exchanged very moving promises to each other, written with the heart. They were both very moving and we all used a lot of handkerchiefs! A ceremony was full of surprises. The couple opened a bottle of wine and toasted to their love, the wedding rings were enclosed in a vintage box of film films, a shared passion. After the ceremony, the throwing of rice and olive leaves, a symbol of good wishes for the couple, I was with them to do the photo shoot in a totally natural way, immersed in the Tuscan countryside. The typical autumn colors of the season were all around us. Warm colors just like the love of Serena and Roberto. During the couple shoot Serena was smiling all the time, thanks to Roberto’s great humor. Love and fun even during lunch, full of games, jokes and lots of music. The environment was really well cared for and full of details: tables decorated with antique pink flowers and light blue fabrics, a relaxation area with small sofas that we used to take group photos. Friends and relatives had fun spontaneously in front of the photographic lens. This confirms my thought: every wedding is unique and reflects the couple and the loved ones around them. At sunset it was inevitable to take more photos, the autumn light made the atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside even more magical. The day ended with a beautiful cut of the cake in the midst of nature, also curated by Glam receptions and the talented Annalisa who also took care of the impeccable organization.

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