Matteo & Eleonora


Eleonora and Matteo met a few years ago in a club, in an unexpected moment in their lives. A love that blossomed suddenly, grown over time and today stronger than ever. An engagement photo shoot in Florence, in the warm tones of the first days of autumn and that only this season can offer.

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Eleonora and Matteo were supposed to get married in May 2020, unfortunately Covid-19 has changed their plans but has not changed their dreams. So, next year, they will get married with a religious rite in the Cathedral of Spoleto, one of the most important and ancient monumental complexes in Umbria. It will be a stylish wedding with a very special wedding reception to be held at the Fortezza Alta, an exclusive and prestigious historic residence in the heart of the sweet Umbrian countryside. Waiting for the big day, Eleonora and Matteo opted for an autumn engagement at the park. It was a romantic and relaxing moment in contact with nature. A very couple that made each shot authentic and unique. The two wanted a photo shoot that would tell the simplicity of an ordinary day, and it was nice to see them so calm in front of the camera without any embarrassment. We started the engagement shoot in the late afternoon, at sunset. In this period of the year the air becomes more sparkling but not too cold yet. Eleonora wore a soft beige coat that made her long blonde hair stand out. Matteo instead had chosen an elegant white lisle sweater. The colors of autumn and the last lights of the day embellished each shot with warm and bright tones. Even the infinite shades of the leaves, which begin to yellow and fall slowly stripping the trees, made this couple photoshoot truly romantic.

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