David & Victoria

David & Victoria

Tuscany, with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets, is an ideal destination for creating lasting memories. David and Victoria, a Swiss couple in love with Italy, chose these charming shores as the setting for their engagement shoot before the big day.

David and Victoria are a close-knit couple who decided to bind their love in a wedding to be celebrated in Lausanne. But before the big day, they decided to create a special memory celebrating their union with an engagement photo session. The choice of Tuscany as the location for this session was a tribute to their love for Italy.

The Magic of Sunset:
The key element of this photo session was the sunset. The couple selected a romantic late August sunset as the backdrop for their images. This magical moment created a unique atmosphere, with the golden tones reflecting off the sea, providing an enchanting backdrop for the shots.

The Beauty of Love:
Every photograph in this engagement session captures love, happiness, and the promise of a future together. David and Victoria seem completely at ease next to each other, with sincere smiles and affectionate glances that say more than a thousand words.

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